Coined for this project, the word omnilogue consists of “omni,” meaning “all” or “universal,” and “-logue,” meaning “discourse.” With the aim of opening up the possibility of new discussions on 21st-century cultural exchange through contemporary art, three exhibitions of Japanese contemporary art were held between 2011 and 2013 in Perth (Australia), New Delhi (India), and Singapore. Each exhibition applied the cultural characteristics and local context of each city, and the exhibition names and artistic themes also differed slightly.

The curation was done collaboratively by young curators from the Asia-Pacific region, who had the chance to visit Japan in the summer of 2010 via the Japan–East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths Programme (JENESYS Programme), and Japanese curators from the same generation.

Exhibition (Perth)

Alternating Currents: Japanese Art After March 2011

The title “Alternating Currents” refers to the interchange of AC electricity. The exhibition introduced six Japanese artists and artist groups who are ambitiously involved with collaboration and local communities, with the aim of deepening mutual interchange between Japan and Perth, Australia.

Dates & Venue
(Perth, Australia)
November 12–December 31, 2011
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts [PICA]
Curators Leigh Robb (Curator, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts)
Hashimoto Azusa (Curator, The National Museum of Art, Osaka)
Jaime Pacena Ⅱ (Independent Curator)
Artists Fujimoto Yukio, Izumi Taro, Mohri Yuko, Nadegata Instant Party (Nakazaki Tohru + Yamashiro Daisuke + Noda Tomoko), Otomo Yoshihide, Sugawa Sakiko
Organizers Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts [PICA]; The Japan Foundation
Special Support Allens Arthur Robinson
Related Programs Briefing Session
December 19, 2011 / JFIC Hall [Sakura], The Japan Foundation / Participants: Fujimoto Yukio, Izumi Taro, Nadegata Instant Party, Hashimoto Azusa
Notes JENESYS Programme

Exhibition (New Delhi)

Journey to the West

Flyer of Omnilogue: Journey to the West exhibition

Inspired by the exchange between Okakura Tenshin and the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, and classic Chinese tale of Journey to the West, in which a group of pilgrims led by the monk Xuanzang take a journey westward toward Tianzhu (India), this exhibition searched for the Asian imagination found in culture, politics, nationalism, friendship, and differences as well as travel episodes and dialogues shared across generation and location.

Dates & Venue
(New Delhi)
January 22–February 19, 2012
Lalit Kala Akademi (Basement Gallery 1, 2)
Curators Chattiya Kate Nitpolprasert (Independent Curator)
Che Kyongfa (Independent Curator)
Iida Shihoko (Independent Curator)
Nivedita Magar (Editor, Writer)
Artists Hashimoto Satoshi, Koizumi Meiro, Mori Hiroharu, Sasamoto Aki, Teruya Yuken, Yahata Aki
Organizers The Japan Foundation
Under the Auspices of Embassy of Japan in India
Cooperation Canon India Pvt. Ltd., Casio India Co., Pvt. Ltd.
Related Programs Artists' Floor Talk
January 22, 2012 / Lalit Kala Akademi (Basement Gallery 1, 2)
Curatorial Round Table
January 22, 2012 / Lalit Kala Akademi (Basement Gallery 1, 2) / Moderator: Zasha Colah / Guest Speakers: Rattanamol Singh Johal, Aastha Chauhan
January 21–22, 2012 / Lalit Kala Akademi (Basement Gallery 1, 2) / Sasamoto Aki
Notes JENESYS Programme

Catalogue (Perth and New Delhi)

Cover of Omnilogue: Alternating currents & Journey to the West catalogue

Omnilogue: Alternating Currents; Journey to the West—the Document
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko; Iida Shihoko; Hashimoto Azusa; Asaoka Chiaki

  • Publisher:
    Tokyo: The Japan Foundation
  • Year:
  • Total Number of Pages:
  • Size:
    26 cm + 1DVD
  • Note
    Title of DVD: “Omnilogue: Alternating Currents; Journey to the West”—the Document Video Recording
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
  • NCID:


p. 3 Foreword
The Japan Foundation
p. 7 Alternating Currents
p. 9 Theme
p. 12 Alternating Currents
Leigh Robb
p. 16 EX/CHANGE(S):Explored Alternating Dialogues
Jaime Pacena Ⅱ
p. 20 Flowing, Flooding, or Being Swept Away
Hashimoto Azusa
p. 22 Plates
p. 49 Letters: From Jaime Pacena II to Chattiya Kate Nitpolprasert
Jaime Pacena II
p. 50 Time Line
p. 54 Biography
p. 57 List of Works
p. 61 Journey to the West
p. 63 Theme
p. 66 The Value of Uncertainty
Iida Shihoko
p. 70 The Permeation of a Journey
Che Kyongfa
p. 74 Of Journeys and Arrivals: A Report
Nivedita Magar
p. 78 From the Outside Looking in
Chattiya Kate Nitpolprasert
p. 80 Plates
p. 107 Letters: From Chattiya Kate Nitpolprasert to Jaime Pacena II
Chattiya Kate Nitpolprasert
p. 110 Letters: From Nivedita Magar to Michelle Ho
Nivedita Magar
p. 114 A Reflection of an unfinished Conversation
Simon Soon (Independent Curator)
p. 118 Time Line
p. 121 Biography
p. 123 List of Works

Exhibition (Singapore)

Your Voice is Mine

Flyer of Omnilogue : Your Voice is Mine exhibition

Participating artists pushed through the historical relationship between Southeast Asia and Japan, and the historical, cultural, and social contexts of the NUS Museum venue, producing new work that reflected their current realities. They explored how they could share the experiences of others, and where the border between “you” and “me” lies.

Dates & Venue
January 19–April 21, 2013
NUS Museum, National University of Singapore
Curators Shabbir Hussain Mustafa (Curator, NUS Museum)
Michelle Ho (Curator, Singapore Art Museum)
Ikegami Tsukasa (Curator, Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City)
Yabumae Tomoko (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo)
Artists Koie Makiko, Sasa Shun, SHIMURAbros, Tomii Motohiro, Yamakawa Fuyuki, Yamamoto Takayuki
Organizers NUS Museum; The Japan Foundation
Under the Auspices of Japan Creative Centre [JCC]
Community Partners Studio Miu Art
Support Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd.
Links The Japan Foundation Website

Catalogue (Singapore)

Cover of Omnilogue : Your Voice is Mine catalogue

Omnilogue: Your Voice is Mine—the Document
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko; Hayashi Sumi; Suzuki Keiko

  • Publisher:
    Tokyo: The Japan Foundation
  • Year:
  • Total Number of Pages:
  • Size:
    26 cm + 1DVD
  • Notes
    Title of DVD: “Omnilogue: Your Voice is Mine”—the Document Video Recording
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
  • NCID:


p. 4 Foreword
The Japan Foundation
p. 7 Your Voice is Mine
p. 9 Theme
p. 12 The Moment “Your Voice is Mine”
Yabumae Tomoko
p. 16 Opening Eyes to Art
Ikegami Tsukasa
p. 18 Plates
p. 48 Dialogue: Musings and Meanderings
Michelle Ho + Shabbir Hussain Mustafa
p. 53 Biography
p. 54 Multiple Dialogues in Three Cities
Yamashiro Daisuke (Videographer)
p. 59 Re: Curatorial Notes
Ahmad Mashadi (Head of NUS Museum, National University of Singapore)
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