Japonismes 2018 Associate Program

Application Guideline

The Secretariat for JAPONISMES has launched a framework of “Japonismes 2018 Associate Program” (hereinafter “Associate Program”) with the aim of encouraging more people to participate in Japonismes 2018.
Associate Program needs to be Japan-related events that are implemented in France in line with the aim of Japonismes 2018. The Secretariat for JAPONISMES welcomes entries for Associate Program and approved projects will be publicized on the Japonismes 2018 official website and also will be entitled to use the Japonismes 2018 official logo.

1. Applicable Projects

Projects related to Japan implemented in France that fulfill all of the following conditions are applicable:

  1. (1)The project must be held during the period the Japonismes 2018 is held. In other words, it must, in principle, begin or end between July 2018 and February 2019.
  2. (2)The project must be organized in accordance with the concept (French only, PDF:139KB) of Japonismes 2018.
  3. (3)At the point of time when an application is made for Associate Program approval, the project plan, including the schedule, budget, and venue, is sufficiently made, and it is certain that the project will be implemented.
  4. (4)The project must not have any political intentions or intention of propagating religion.

2. Applicants

An applicant should be an organization or individual that organizes the project applying for the Associate Program. This organization or individual must have established one’s position socially and financially, and be considered to have sufficient social credibility and capability to implement the project. Any Individuals and organizations in Japan who are related to antisocial forces as described in Article 2, Paragraph 2, Item 1 of the Japan Foundation’s Regulations with Regard to Dealing with Anti-Social Forces (Regulation No. 52 of 2015) are not eligible.

3. Application Procedure

Project organizers who wish to make an entry for Associate Program shall file an online application from the “Japonismes 2018 Associate Program Application” page (*the page will be published in fall 2017) by at least three months prior to the start of the applicable project.
Applications are planned to be accepted from fall 2017 (the starting date will be announcedshortly).

4. Approval

The Secretariat for JAPONISMES shall carefully review submitted applications based on the conditions listed in 1 above. Results will be notified approximately 45 days after the receipt of each application.
The data of the Japonismes 2018 logo and the usage guideline will be sent to approved applications.
The Secretariat may withdraw the approval later on when it finds the project inappropriate for the Associate Program.

5. Project Implementation

When implementing an Associate Program project, please note that:

  1. (1)Associate Program shall be published on the Japonismes 2018 official website, related PR brochures, reports, and other printed materials, as an event that is implemented as part of Japonismes 2018.
  2. (2)Organizers of the projects of Associate Program are encouraged to cooperate in PR campaign for Japonismes 2018 by indicate that the Program is implemented as part of Japonismes 2018, through using the Japonismes 2018 logo on PR brochures, reports, and other printed materials.
  3. (3)An Event Report (*link will be available in fall 2017) needs to be submitted within two months after the completion of a project of Associate Program to the Secretariat for JAPONISMES by post. Make sure to attach PR brochures/printed materials indicating the Japonismes 2018 logo. Also enclose any photos taken when the project is carried out (if possible).
    Reports and photos submitted to the Secretariat for JAPONISMES from Associate Program organizers may be featured on the official Japonismes 2018 Web site.
  4. (4)If any changes arise in project contents, or if the project is canceled, please contact the Secretariat for JAPONISMES immediately.

6. Note

This framework is not to support applicants financially. Projects need to be funded individually by each organizer.
(For information on the Japan Foundation’s Grant Programs, please refer to the Program Guidelines page.)

7. Inquiries

Should you have any inquiries please contact us below.


The Japan Foundation Secretariat for JAPONISMES
TEL: +81-(0)3-5369-6022
E-mail: info-japonismes@jpf.go.jp
(When sending an e-mail, please replace the full-width "@" character with a half-width "@" character.)

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