CCA Kitakyushu, the Japan Foundation, and the National Museum of Art, Osaka present “Curator Meeting,” a three-day conference of curatorial practice. The curators who come from various backgrounds stay together for three days, and exchange their ideas about various questions they encounter through their activities.

The “Curator Meeting: Let’s Talk About Art” series has been held almost every year since 2010, and the 2016 meeting is the sixth edition. With different curators participated each time, the topics discussed in the last six years include distortions caused by globalization, changes brought by new technology and the Internet, meaning of art history, art based on locality, and influence from the prosperity of the art market. The theme of this sixth edition is “ART NEXT,” aiming not only to examine the current situation, but also to explore challenges and possibilities for the future.

Nowadays, so many exhibitions and art projects are organized. It seems that we are observing the largest number of art exhibitions in art history and the occidental countries are no longer the center of the art world. There are so many art museums, galleries, and alternative spaces all over the world, but these facilities are not only exhibition facilities. Arenas can be used for temporary events, and publications and websites are also vehicles for exhibiting arts.
The representation styles are diverse. Some works are not made for reproduction, display, or storing.

We could say there are a record number of artists and curators. They were mainly based in European/U.S. cities before, but now live and work all over the world. The contemporary art market enjoys such prosperity, strongly supported by the power of private capital. It can be said, therefore, that the economic situation has made an impact on the art world.

It has been a while since Hans Belting propounded “The end of art history?” The shift that has occurred in curatorial practice has also been discussed for a while. Even if it is “the end,” the future is always an extension of the past. Curator Meeting offers a platform to make connections with future challenges for the field.


Dates Friday, November 25 – Sunday, November 27, 2016
Venue The National Museum of Art, Osaka
4-2-55 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005 Japan
Participating curators
Organized by Masanobu Ito (The Japan Foundation)
Nobuo Nakamura (CCA Kitakyushu)
Ayako Yamada (CCA Kitakyushu)

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