List of Fellows in 2019

List of Fellows in 2019
State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title
Korea YEON JEONG, Noh Independent Artist/Curator/Researcher Korean and Japanese Modern and Contemporary Art Can We Talk About MAVO?
India BALARAM, Padmini Professor, Department of Silpa-Sadana at Visva-Bharati University Textile Design Contemporary Textile Arts of Japan (1900 to 2019)
Australia BAILEY, Penny Margo Sessional Lecturer/Researcher, School of Languages and Cultures, The University of Queensland Japanese and Korean Art The Establishment of the Japan Folk Crafts Movement: A Modern Meeting of Politics, Beauty and Function
New Zealand DONNELLY, Debbie Teresa Senior Lecturer, Whitireia New Zealand, Te Kahui Auaha-New Zealand Institute of Creativity Visual Arts Research and Presentation Moving Continents-Japan New Zealand Cultural Arts Exchange 2019
Canada ADLER, Daniel Allan Associate Professor, York University Art History Tainted Goods: Assemblage Sculpture in Japan
Canada CUMMING, Jesse Ray Curator/Writer Contemporary Art/Film Back and Forth: Experimental Media Art Between Japan and North America (1960-1975)
U.S.A. ERBER, Pedro Rabelo Associate Professor, Cornell University, Department of Romance Studies Japanese and Brazilian Art, Intellectual History, and Literature Art, Economy, and the City in Contemporary Japan: From Akasegawa Genpei to Sakaguchi Kyohei
U.S.A. JESTY, Justin Charles Associate Professor, University of Washington Modern/Contemporary Art History and Cultural History of Japan The Art of Building Post-Growth Futures in Contemporary Japan
Brazil BRITTO, Caetana Dultra Permanent Forum of Museums/Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Sao Paulo Paper Conservation, Preservation Projects Contemporary Art and Its Conservation: How is Japan Facing This Challenge?
Brazil NOGUEIRA, Thyago Curator, Instituto Moreira Salles Photography Daido Moriyama Retrospective Exhibition
Belgium GRAY, Zoë Senior Curator, WIELS Centre for Contemporary Art Contemporary Art 3 Forms of Research for WIELS
Italy MAGGIA, Flippo Curator, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Photography The Japanese World of Images
Italy SCANTAMBURLO, Elisabetta Art Director/Curator, Hokusai Centre Contemporary Art Contemporary Japanese Poster Designers
Spain BRU TURULL, Richard Associate Professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona Japonisme, Modernisme, Japanese Art History The Mingei Movement, Hamada Shoji and the 20th Century Japanese Ceramics
Thomas Henry Llewelyn
Artistic Director, The Atlantic Project Contemporary Art Curator A New World
Poland BREWIŃSKA, Maria Curator, Zachęta National Gallery of Art Contemporary Art, Asian Art, American Art From 50s till 70s - Japanese Avant-Garde Movement
Israel ZOHAR, Ayelet Associate Professor, Tel Aviv University History of Photography, History of Japanese Art Critical Images, Post-Photography: Heisei Photographic Arts

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