Translation and Publication of Theatrical Plays

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Images (c), from left: AIKAWA Hiroaki, SATO Shun, TANAKA Aki, GOTANNDADAN, HORIKAWA Takashi

The Japan Foundation is publishing Japanese theatrical plays in collaboration with publishing houses outside Japan.

Five-Language Translation and Publication of Theatrical Plays

The Japan Foundation will be publishing translations of theatrical works by five Japanese playwrights (ICHIHARA Satoko, KUWABARA Yuko, MAEKAWA Tomohiro, MAEDA Shiro, YOKOYAMA Takuya) who are expected to develop an international profile in the future. The works will be translated and published in five languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic.
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented hiatus in live theater right across the world, and audiences are no longer able to attend venues as easily as they once could. This has led to a loss of opportunities for artists to present their work both in Japan and internationally, and a drastic decline in possibilities for showcasing Japanese plays to international audiences.
We expect that when theaters across the world finally regain their former vitality, the Japanese plays translated into multiple languages and presented in this volume will be performed in readings and stage productions right across the world.

Works to be Published

(Playwrights listed in Japanese alphabetical order)

Publication Details

Publisher Methuen Drama, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing (U.K.)
Publication Date April 2022
Publisher Dar Al Maaref (Egypt)
Publication Date September 2022: One Night, Isn't Anyone Alive?, The Sun (2016), Carcass
Publisher Satori Ediciones (Spain)
Publication Date November 29, 2021: The Bacchae—Holstein Milk Cows, The Sun (2016)
January 2022: Isn’t Anyone Alive?
February 2022: One Night, Carcass
Publisher Qingdao Publishing House (China)
Publication Date August 2022: One Night, Isn't Anyone Alive?, The Sun (2016), Carcass
Publisher Hyperion Publishing House (Russia)
Publication Date February 2022

Japonismes: Translation and Publication of Theatrical Plays

In 2018, to commemorate 160 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and France, a festival titled Japonismes 2018: les âmes en resonance was held nationwide in France. More than three million people in total attended the 300-plus events and other activities held as part of this festival across the month of August. To mark the success of this celebration of Japan-France relations, the Japan Foundation had selected three Japanese playwrights—TANINO Kuro, MAEKAWA Tomohiro and MATSUI Shu—from among those featured at Japonismes 2018, and over a three-year period will be publishing four of their plays in French translation through the Editions Espaces 34 publishing house.

Plays to be Published

(Playwrights listed in Japanese alphabetical order)

Publisher Editions Espaces 34 (France)
Publication Date November 2021: Strolling Invader
May 2022: PROUD SON
November 2022: Avidya – The Ignorance Inn
June 2023 (scheduled): The Dark Master

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