2023 JFIPP Research Fellow - Saha Premesha

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Saha Premesha

Fellow, Strategic Studies Programme, Observer Research Foundation (ORF)

[Project Title]
Ensuring a stable maritime order in the Indo-Pacific

Project Summary

This study aims to promote cooperation between India, Japan and Australia in strengthening maritime domain awareness capabilities to bolster maritime security, promote supply chain resilience in the Indo-Pacific region, and to work towards maritime law enforcement in times of minor skirmishes as well in scenarios of conflict in disputed waters in the South China Sea, the East China to ensure fair and secure use of the seas as well as to ensure a stable maritime order in the Indo-Pacific.

In the dynamic geopolitical landscape of the Indo-Pacific region, uninterrupted and secure maritime trade is of paramount importance as global supply chains heavily rely on the efficient movement of goods through sea routes. Therefore, also underlining the need for maintenance of freedom of navigation in the disputed seas. However, besides the complex geopolitical dynamics, the region also faces multifaceted challenges, including natural disasters, piracy, and maritime accidents, which threaten supply chain resilience.

The proposed project seeks to address these challenges by fostering collaboration between India, Japan, and Australia, three key players with converging strategic maritime interests in the region. Within the geography of the Indo-Pacific, the focus will be primarily on Southeast Asia and East Asia, that is the sub-region which has become the hotbed of maritime disputes, given the glaring South China Sea and the East China Sea disputes. By leveraging their combined expertise, resources, and advanced technologies, this study assesses the importance of boosting maritime domain awareness thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of supply chains, promoting maritime security and ensuring the enforcement of maritime law even in adverse conditions.

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