Japan Foundation Indo-Pacific Partnership Program

JFIPP 国際交流基金インド太平洋パートナーシップ・プログラム Japan Foundation Indo-Pacific Partnership Program

The Japan Foundation (JF) has launched a new fellowship program, the Japan Foundation Indo-Pacific Partnership (JFIPP) Fellowship, with the purpose of building partnerships and intellectual networks in the Indo-Pacific region. The JFIPP program is designed to promote international research and collaborative activities on common policy issues within and beyond the Indo-Pacific region. The program encourages a new generation of researchers, experts, and practitioners who share the same concerns to build a platform for intellectual cooperation and to support the formulation of new policy proposals, visions, and initiatives from the Indo-Pacific region with a long-term, future-oriented perspective.

The JFIPP program has three types of fellowships as follow.

JFIPP Research Fellowship

JFIPP Research Fellowship provides support for individual researchers and practitioners in Japan, Australia, India, or the US to conduct research activities on the common policy issues in the Indo-Pacific region.

JFIPP Network Fellowship

The Program will build cohorts around different important Indo-Pacific regional issues. Each cohort will be composed of approximately 15 early to mid-career specialists. Each cohort of participants will take part in a weeklong in-person program two to three times over the course of a year in different parts of the Indo-Pacific region.

Other JFIPP Programs

Japan-Australia Dialogue and Exchange for Next Generation (JADE)

This program aims to strengthen connections between Japan and Australian policy experts and research institutes and to cultivate the next generation of policy-savvy Japan & Australian experts.

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