Invitation Program for Young Muslim Intellectuals in Southeast Asia

The Japan Foundation provides a training program in Japan for several young researchers who have drawn attention as young Muslim intellectuals of the next generation in Southeast Asia with the aim of helping them to understand more about Japan, to help build stronger relations between Japan and the countries of this region.

This is the second session of the Invitation Program for Young Muslim Intellectuals in Southeast Asia, the first session of which was implemented over a three-year period from FY2009 to FY2011.

Under the broad theme of “Modernization of Japan,” the first session of the program presented a general picture of Japan as a non-Western European country that has made strides in modernizing itself, and gave participants the opportunity to learn more about the social issues that Japan has experienced as it has urbanized, and about how Japan has been working to foster a stronger sense of community as it tackles the issue of post-earthquake reconstruction. Of these issues, the roles played by religion and traditional culture in ensuring social harmony as society modernizes inspired particular interest among the participants.

Based on the results of the first session, the second session (FY2013-15) will aim to delve into these areas to a still deeper level from the angle of “religion” as the defining feature of the program, under the theme of “The religious mentality as a foundation for building relationships.” To examine the concept of “harmony,” one of the defining characteristics of Japanese society, participants will work to develop a deeper understanding of the spirituality that forms the basis for such harmony with “religious mentality” as the keyword, as they visit areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and other places where a variety of social activities are taking place.

Finally, through its lectures and university visiting program, the program will help to build a network between the participants and researchers in Islamic Area Studies, look at activities that are underway in the Muslim community of Japan, and establish close partnerships and frameworks for cooperation into the future.

List of the themes and participants

First session/ Broad theme: Modernization of Japan

  • FY2011
  • FY2010
  • FY2009

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