Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences (FY 2012-2013)

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  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2012 when the grants were awarded


Grantees Project Title
Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University The East Asian Community Forum
The Korean Association of Contemporary Japanese Studies Japan and Korea after the Global Financial Crisis : Convergence or Divergence?
Japan Center at the Sejong Institute New Paradigm for the Resolution of Territorial Issues in East Asia
Wanju Community Business Center Korea-Japan Community Business: for Sustainable Community, Environment and Alternative Energy Solutions

Grantees Project Title
Southwest University of Political Science and Law International Symposium "Local Cultural Revival and Cultural Exchange under the Perspective of Governance"
China-Japan Historical Relations Academy of China Symposium with Japan -China Relations Academy of Japan
Institute of Japanese Studies, CASS About holding the international Symposium"Commemorate the 40th anniversary of China-Japan Diplomatic relations. Review and Prospects of bilateral relations"
Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management, Beijing Normal University  (ADREM-BNU) The Third Conference of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management
Center for Japanese Studies, Tsinghua University Symposium : Change and Prospect of Energy Policies between China and Japan
Center for Asia Pacific Studies, Tongji University Construction of East Asian Renewable Energy Community based on Promotion of Mutually Strategic Beneficial Relationship between China and Japan
Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences International Symposium : "Construction of Northeast Asian Regional Harmonious Development Environment"
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Global Sharing of Disaster and Reconstruction Experiences

Grantees Project Title
Japan Federation of Bar Associations International Conference on "Various Issues of Hinder Access to Justice in Asian Countries and Solutions to These Issues"
The 11th Asian Children's Literature Convention Committee The 11th Asian Children's Literature Convention
Japan-China Sociological Society International Dialogue Series: The Japan-China Comparative study of globalization impact
China-Japan Young Writer 2012 Committee Conference of Japanese and Chinese Young Writer 2012
Northeaset Asian Studies & Exchange Network The 7th NEASE-NET FORUM Earthquake Reconstruction from East Japan & Northeast Asian Regional Cooperation: Promoting International Regional Design Research
Sekiguchi Global Research Association(SGRA) Asia Future Conference
The International Research Forum for East Asian History Preliminary Meetings for the Summer School of East Asian Young Historians
Waseda University Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies Timor-Leste Symposium: 10 Years After the Independence
Ancient Futures Association Japan (AFAJ) Continuting the Dialogue - Towards a New Economic Paradigm
Art Promotion Society OKINAWA The International Exchange Projects as for the Possibility of the Child and the Youth Theater
Family of Hearts Social Welfare Foundation An "International Symposium" to promote the establishment of a United Nations 'World Orphan Day'
The International House of Japan Japan Specialist Workshop "Access to Modern Japanese Culture and Society " 2013 Symposium and Conference on the Development of Human Resources in Japanese Studies
ARUN LAB International Symposium on Social Investment in Japan
Art and Society Reserch Center Global Networking Forum - Archives for Socially Engaged Art Activities -
VIA Japan Network Promoting Global Leaders for Social Innovation through University Partnerships
Ashoka Japan Ashoka Fellow Speaker Series
Japan Subculture Studies Project, Kobe University Manga Worlds: Subculture, Japan, Japanology
The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University Following in Sano Seki's Footsteps : His Global Activities Around Theatre
The Japan Association for the Promotion of Arts Japanese Art Seminar
Nonprofit organization SMILECLUB Exchange for Comprehensive Culture of Community based on Sports between Japan and Germany. -For the Development of Sports Culture in Japan -
Japan Center for Contemporary Islamic Studies Media Culture Development Studies in contemporary Afghanistan
Non-profit Organization HANDS (Health and Development Service) The 8th International Conference on MCH handbook
NPO "JAPAN-RUSSIA SOCIETY" Japam-Russia Far Eastern Forum
International Cross-Cultural Society (The third) Russian-Japanese Conference of Specialists in Academic and Journalism


Grantees Project Title
Forum for the Asia Pacific of Culture and History Studies The Cross Cultural and History of Asia Pacific in Indonesia and North Sumatra
Rumata' Artspace Makassar International Symposium and Workshop on Asian Cinema: Learning From Japan and Exploring Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Grantees Project Title
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) ASEAN JAPAN Relations

Grantees Project Title
HelpAge International Promoting Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction for Older People and Other Vulnerable Groups in ASEAN and Japan

Grantees Project Title
Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners Planning with Communities : Building a Culture of Sustainability


Grantees Project Title
Global Forum for Disaster Reduction (GFDR) Building Disaster Resilient Societies - Lessons from Japan
Press Club of India Japan-India Media Interaction Symposium

Grantees Project Title
Martin Chautari, Nepal Ruptures and Repairs in South Asian History

Grantees Project Title
Pakistan Association of Photo Journalists (PAPJ) First Convention of SAPA (South Asia Photojournalists Association)


Grantees Project Title
Lowy Institute for International Policy Australia's and Japan's Mutual Dilemma: How to Manage Relations with a Rising China?

Grantees Project Title
New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Auckland The South Pacific Agenda for Survival and Growth : A Framework for Coordinated Participation of Asian Donors?


Grantees Project Title
Lavel University, Faculty of Philosophy From Nature to Technology : Issues in Contemporary Japanese Thought and Philosophy
Food Policy Research Initiative of the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit at the Centre for Mental Health (CAMH) and the University of Toronto A Japan-Canada Symposium on Knowledge Sharing, Local Governance, and Resilience in Food Systems
Keiko & Charles Belair Centre for East Asian Studies, Renison University College, University of Waterloo Japan and the Arctic Frontier : Assessing Japan's Role in the New North
Centre for International Governance Innovation Emerging Security Roles : Lessons for Japan from Middle Power Experiences


Grantees Project Title
University of the Isthmus Chair Jorge Montes
Grantees Project Title
Latin American Association for Asian and African Studies Re-thinking on Fukushima nuclear disaster and learning from the experience
Grantees Project Title
Japan-Brazil Cultural Instituto 2012 International Forum Ecology and Education
Federal University of Paraná. Faculty of Language, Department of Modern Foreign Languages XXII - National Encounter of Professors of Japanese Language, Literature and Culture. IX- International Congress of Japanese Studies in Brazil


Grantees Project Title
Kings College London "Rising to the Challenge" :The Japanese Military Experience in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Implications for National and Regional Security

Grantees Project Title
Department for Japanese Studies/Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna Conference "40 years since Reversion : Negotiating the Okinawan Different in Japan Today"

The Netherlands
Grantees Project Title
Stichting Partizan Publik Still City/Tokyo Guide Project

Grantees Project Title
Bishkek Humanities University, Faculty of Oriental Studies and International relations, Project Team "Seminar 2012" Seminar "Ethnic languages and domestic policy in Central Asia : History and perspective"

Grantees Project Title
Section for East Asian Art, Institute of Art History, University of Zurich Zaigai Hiho-Survey of Japanese Art objects in Switzerland
Grantees Project Title
University of Barcelona Creativity, Innovation and Culture in the Competitive Strategies of European and Japanese City Regions

Grantees Project Title
Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced transcultural Studies, University of Heidelberg International Summer School "Reading Japanese Pre-Modern Text from a Transcultural Perspective"
German Association for Social Science Research on Japan Japan and Southeast Asia - Varieties of and Intra-Regional Relationship
University of Cologne Impact on the Labour Law in Japan and Germany through Globalization

Grantees Project Title
LEST(Leboratoire de l'Economie et de la sociologie du travail) Health Professions and the Emerging Convention: Comparisons of Community Care in France and Japan
Institut national d'histoire de l'art - INHA Architectural Exchange -Asia and Europe - 1550-1950
Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 Myths, Rites and Emotions : Comparative, Historical and Anthropological Studies
Council of Europe Making the Diversity Advantage Real
Grantees Project Title
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University Leuven), Japanese Studies Japan-EU Cooperation in a Changing World : Approaches to Rules and Standards
Faculty of Architecture of Universite Libre de Bruxelles(ULB) Resilient Ishinomaki
Ghent University, Department of South and East Asian Studies, Institute of Japanese Language and Culture Transnational Responses to Catastrophe: Japanese Diaspora Communities and the March 2011Triple Disaster

Grantees Project Title
Adam Mickiewicz University Research and Evaluation of Japanese Buddhist Art Objects in European Museums International Symposium

Grantees Project Title
Institute of Oriental manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Nevsky: The Commemorative Symposium


Grantees Project Title
History Dept., College of Arts, University of Baghdad Third Iraqi Japanese Meeting: Entitled "Japanese and Iraqi Society and the Change: Two Perspectives"

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