Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences (FY 2016-2017)

  • *The names of organizations and project titles are as of April, 2014 when the grants were awarded


Grantee Project Title
Ajou's Center for Japanese Policy Comparative Studies between South Korea and Japan on Regional Economic Revitalization Policy in the Aging Population and Globalization Era
The Hope Institute Forum and Workshop: Strategy for Revitalizing Intermediate Organizations to Support Civil Society
The Korean Association of Contemporary Japanese Studies Human Security and Japan-S. Korea Cooperation
Dongseo University The 13th Korea-Japan Next-generation Academic Forum on Humanities and Social Science in Yokohama
Grantee Project Title
The Center for Murakami Haruki Studies, Tamkang University The 5th International Conference on Haruki Murakami 2016: The Order in Murakami Haruki's Work
National Performing Arts Center - National Taicung Theater Architecture as the Embodiment of an Opera
Grantee Project Title
Center for Japanese Studies, Tshinghua University The Change of Chinese Society and Japan in 1980s
Grantee Project Title
Forum on East Asia and Contemporary Japanese-Language Literature Forum on East Asia and Contemporary Japanese-Language Literature in Nagoya
The Center for Contribution to Peace in Asia Study Groups for the Establishment of the International Legal Order in East Asia : Japan Branch
Japan-China Relations Academy of Japan A Youth Symposium Assembling Winners in the Japan-China Student Essay Contest
The Genron NPO The Twelfth Tokyo - Beijing Forum
The Genron NPO The 4th Japan-Korea Future Dialogue
The Committee for Cultural Typhoon 2016 Cultural Typhoon 2016
Institute for Humanities Research, Kanagawa University Re-Orienting the Fairy Tale: Contemporary Fairy-Tale Adaptations across Cultures
Tanioka Gakuen Educational Foundation Kobe Design University International Conference and Workshop on Ecological Design for Archipelago Regions
Executive Committee for The International Symposium for the Formation of the Inclusive City Model in Asia International Symposium for the Formation of the Inclusive City Model in Asia
Environment Protection Body Gaea Earth Aid Festival 2016
Japan Center for International Exchange Social Integration of Immigrants in Germany
Grantee Project Title
Institute of History and Archaeology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences International Symposium on Research and Conservation of the Historical Cultural Monuments in the Eastern Mongolia
Mongolian Association of Legislation (NPO) Current Legislative Developments in Mongolia and Japan, and its Impact on Businesses


Grantee Project Title
Samutthan Foundation Buddhist Diplomacy in Indo-Japanese Relations
Sri Lanka
Grantee Project Title
University of Peradeniya Forth Conference on Sri Lanka Japan Collaborative Research: SLJCR-2016 ”Collaborations: The Pathway to Success”


Grantee Project Title
University of South Australia Mobile Cultures of Disaster
University of Melbourne Civil Society in Asia: International Conference in Melbourne
The University of Queensland Japan in Australia


Grantee Project Title
University of Waterloo JFI and EJARN Joint Conference “Japan's Future: International Reflections on the Prospects for a 'New Meiji' Transformation”
University of Victoria Property Ownership in Migration and Exile


Grantee Project Title
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile The TPP and the Challenges It Poses for Chile and Japan
Grantee Project Title
University of Amazonas Foundation XI International Congress of Japanese Studies & XXIV National Meeting of University Professors of Japanese Language, Literature and Culture


Grantee Project Title
Trinity College, The University of Dublin Trinity Centre for Asian Studies Japanese Symposia Series
Grantee Project Title
Ca'Foscari University of Venice Familiarizing the Unfamiliar Communication in Globalizing Japan: Translation as a Tool or an Obstacle?
University of Naples “L'Orientale” Bakumatsu-Meiji Symposium: Does It Make Sense in 21st Century to Research on Bakumatsu and Meiji Japan?
Grantee Project Title
University of Stirling Japan Week and Lecture Series 2017
The London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Sciences Contemporary Japan Lecture Series delivered by the London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Sciences
Grantee Project Title
Salzburg Global Seminar Young Cultural Innovators Forum: Sharing Japan's Lessons with the World
Grantee Project Title
Association for Japanese Studies in Spain 2016, 12th National and 3rd International Conference of the Association for Japanese Studies in Spain(AEJE)“Tourism as a path to knowledge and development”
Grantee Project Title
University of Copenhagen Viewing Each Other - Ongoing Danish and Japanese Research on Each Country on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Signing of the Treaty between the Two Nations
Grantee Project Title
Leipzig University Replaying Japan 2016: “From Pac-Man to the Present: Japanese Games between Local and Global”
University of Trier Art and Society in Contemporary Japan: The Theater of Okada Toshiki
Grantee Project Title
Center for Researches on East Asian Civilizations (CRCAO) Edogawa Ranpo or the Labyrinths of Japanese Modernity
National Institute of Original Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) International Research Symposium in Paris- Revising the Tale of Genji: Translation, Commentary, Rewriting
Council of Europe Faith in the City - Can Dedicated Public Spaces Help Facilitate the Management of Interfaith Relations and Help Manage Conflicts?
Grantee Project Title
The Royal Carillon School, International Institute for Carillon Art 'Jef Denyn' Symposium: The New Era of Carillon Art - How Bells Connect Belgium and Japan
Bruegel Joint Conference on “Innovation and Economic Reformation in Europe and Japan” in Brussels


Grantee Project Title
ECPD-European Center for Peace and Development of the UN mandated University for Peace “Future of the World Between Globalization and Regionalization”


Grantee Project Title
Iranian Earthquake Engineering Association (IEEA) International Conference on Integrated Disaster Risk Management, Isfahan, Iran

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