Report: Japanese Language Education at the Secondary Level in Five Southeast Asian Countries - Developing Students’ Competencies for the 21st Century -

This study report summarizes the policies for education at the secondary level as well as the trends in foreign language education policies of the five Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia), based on the information collected from their official education policy documents. The report also considers the impact of “21st Century Skills” and “Key Competencies,” which have attracted lots of attention from the world.


  1. 1 Background of the Study

    1. 1.1Japanese Language Education in Southeast Asian Secondary Education
    2. 1.2New Conception of Competencies
      1. 1.2.1  Key Competencies
      2. 1.2.2  21st Century Skills
      3. 1.2.3  Trends in Educational Curriculum in Each Country
  2. 2 Overview of the Study

    1. 2.1Objectives
    2. 2.2Target Countries
    3. 2.3Time and Timing
    4. 2.4Content and Methods
  3. 3 Results of the Study – Overview of Education Policy in Five Southeast Asian Countries –

    1. 3.1Indonesia
    2. 3.2Thailand
    3. 3.3Philippines
    4. 3.4Vietnam
    5. 3.5Malaysia
  4. 4 Human Development and Foreign Language Education for the 21st Century

    1. 4.1Nation Building and Education Goals in Five Southeast Asian Countries
    2. 4.2Expectations of Foreign Language Education at the Secondary Level
    3. 4.3Expected New Approaches to Japanese Language Education at the Secondary Level
  5. 5 Prospects for the Future

  6. Appendix

    1. Appendix 1
      Comparative Table of Education Policies for Secondary Education in 5 ASEAN Countries
    2. Appendix 2
      List of Documents on Education Policies in 5 ASEAN Countries
    3. Appendix 3
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