Thawan Duchanee
Thailand—In Quest of the Ultimate Sacredness


Flyer of THAWAN DUCHANEE exhibition

The “Asian Artist Today—Fukuoka Annual” series of solo exhibitions presenting new art from Asia was launched at the Fukuoka Art Museum in 1988. This exhibition was the touring version of the third in that series. Featuring 20 works, it was the first exhibition in Japan for Thawan Duchanee, who was born in Chiang Rai (Thailand) in 1939. Thawan’s works made a deep impression on Japanese visitors through their depiction of an “illusory world abound[ing] in originality that is not caught by tradition, where beasts and men fused into super beings and infused with spirit run wild.” (From the foreword of the exhibition catalogue.)

Dates & Venue
February 6–March 25, 1990
Fukuoka Art Museum
(Tokyo) April 7–22, 1990
The Japan Foundation ASEAN Culture Center Gallery
Curators Ishida Yasuhiro (Chief Curator, Fukuoka Art Museum)
Artists Thawan Duchanee
Organizers The Japan Foundation ASEAN Culture Center; Fukuoka Art Museum
Notes Series Title: Asian Artist Today—Fukuoka Annual Ⅲ (Fukuoka Art Museum)


Cover of THAWAN DUCHANEE exhibition catalogue

Thawan Duchanee: Thailand—In Quest of the Ultimate Sacredness
Edited by Fukuoka Art Museum

  • Publisher:
    Fukuoka: Fukuoka Art Museum
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    27 cm
  • Series Title
    Asian Artist Today—Fukuoka Annual; 3
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
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