Tan Chin-Kuan
Malaysia—“Stage-art of Tragedy”


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Tan Chin-Kuan was born in 1966 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and held his first solo exhibition in Japan at the age of 24. At the time the artist stated, “I [employ] a large picture plane, a sense of three-dimensionality and the colors of the solid earth, and try to make people attracted to the painting and reduce the distance between the audience and the picture.” (As cited in Shibata Katsunori’s contribution to the exhibition catalogue.) The exhibition featured 16 artworks, and the installation combining two- and three-dimensional elements entranced visitors through a formal apparatus/device that evoked stage design. This was the fourth traveling exhibition in the “Asian Artist Today—Fukuoka Annual” series.

Dates & Venue
December 11, 1990–February 11, 1991
Fukuoka Art Museum
(Tokyo) March 7–21, 1991
The Japan Foundation ASEAN Culture Center Gallery
Curators Shibata Katsunori (Assistant Curator, Fukuoka Art Museum)
Nakamura Hideki (Art Critic)
Artists Tan Chin-Kuan
Organizers Fukuoka Art Museum; The Japan Foundation ASEAN Culture Center
Support Fukuoka
Fukuoka Art Foundation
Notes Series Title: Asian Artist Today—Fukuoka Annual Ⅳ (Fukuoka Art Museum)


Cover of TAN CHIN KUAN exhibition catalogue

Tan Chin-Kuan: Malaysia—“Stage-art of Tragedy”
Edited by Fukuoka Art Museum

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    Fukuoka: Fukuoka Art Museum
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    27 cm
  • Series Title
    Asian Artist Today—Fukuoka Annual; 4
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
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p. 5 Foreword
Fukuoka Art Museum
p. 7 A Successful Painting Must Be One Which Is Shockingly Impressive
Tan Chin-Kuan
p. 9 Plates: 1987–1988
p. 16 Plates: 1989–1990
p. 27 Stage-Art of Tragedy
Shibata Katsunori
p. 30 Biography
p. 31 Selected Bibliography / List of Works
What We Do