The Mutation
Painstaking Realism in Indonesian Contemporary Painting


Flyer of The Mutation exhibition

This exhibition was held as part of the Indonesia–Japan Friendship Festival ’97, and was organized by Indonesian curators. Starting in the 1970s, a new form of painting emerged in Indonesia among artists who based their works on images circulating in the mass media and popular culture, such as printed photographs and advertisements, which they rendered using detailed and realistic techniques. The exhibition featured 44 new oil paintings by 11 artists who were being shown as a group in Japan for the first time.

Dates & Venue
August 24–September 7, 1997
The Japan Foundation Forum
Curators Jim Supangkat (Art Critic)
Co-curators Rizki A. Zaelani
Artists Dede Eri Supria, Rahmat Subani Irfani, Melodia, Chusin Setyadikara, Probo, Sudarisman, Agus Kamal, Lucia Hartini, Ivan Sagito, Sutjipto Adi, Asri Nugroho
Organizers Department of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia; The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Coordination Nanjo and Associates
Support Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Agency for Cultural Affairs; Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Cooperation Garuda Indonesia; Japan Airlines
Notes Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival ’97


Cover of The Mutation exhibition catalogue

The Mutation: Painstaking Realism in Indonesian Contemporary Painting
Edited by Jim Supangkat

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    Jakarta: Department of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia
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    29 cm
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    English (eng); Japanese (jpn); Indonesian (ind)
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[Contents]*Page 124 and onwards are in Indonesian.

p. 7 Message
Prof. Dr. Ing. Wardiman Djojonegoro (Minister of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia; Chairman of the Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival ’97)
p. 8 Message
Asao Shinichiro (President, The Japan Foundation)
p. 11 Preface
Prof. Dr. Edi Sedyawati (Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival ’97)
p. 13 Mutation of the Realism: Reviewing Photo-Realist Discourse
Jim Supangkat
p. 23 The Dream of a City Named Yogyakarta
Ushiroshoji Masahiro
p. 33 Painstaking Realism in Indonesian Contemporary Painting
Jim Supangkat
p. 47 Catalogue
Text by Jim Supangkat, Rizki A. Zaelani
p. 114 List of Works
p. 117 Artists' Biographies
p. 124 Mutasi Realisme: Mengkaji Wacana Foto-Realis
Jim Supangkat
p. 130 Mimpi Sebuah Kota Bernama Yogyakarta
Ushiroshoji Masahiro
p. 137 Lukisan Realistik Dalam Seni Lukis Kontemporer Indonesia
Jim Supangkat
p. 146 Esei Pengantar Katalog
Ditulis oleh Jim Spangkat, Rizki A. Zaelani
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