Photography, Video, Experimental Film and Multimedia Installation from Asia


Flyer of Serendipity exhibition

This was the first exhibition organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center in the 2000s and the first to deal predominantly with the medium of photography and video art. As noted in the exhibition pamphlet, the featured photography and video art by Asian artists (from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) were selected as examples of works that “capture the shadows of things not yet on screen, pass through marks left on paper, and manifest bygone light.” Moreover, through the Indonesian shadow puppetry tradition of wayang kulit, the exhibition examined the state of video and film art at the start of the 21st century.

Dates & Venue
January 15–February 19, 2000
The Japan Foundation Forum
Curators Minato Chihiro (Associate Professor, Tama Art University)
Artists China
Wu Xiaojun, Zhang Dali, Zhao Shaoruo
(Hong Kong)
Mark Chan, Rita Hui
Ashim Ghosh, Ram Rahman
Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo
Hatakeyama Naoya, Ito Takashi, Suzuki Risaku
Kim Hae Min, Kim Yun Tae, Park Hwa Young
Alex Baluyut, Ting-Ting Calzo, Auraeus Solito
Atipat Kamonpech, Pimpaka Towaira
Nguyen Bao Nguyen
Organizers The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Related Programs Symposium “Video / Photography / Film in Asia Ⅰ: Through Photography”
January 14, 2000 / The Japan Foundation Conference Hall / Panelists: Ashim Ghosh, Hatakeyama Naoya, Minato Chihiro, Park Hwa Young, Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo
Symposium “Video / Photography / Film in Asia Ⅱ: Through Photography”
January 28, 2000 / The Japan Foundation Conference Hall / Panelists: Ito Takashi, Christoph Janetzko, Minato Chihiro
16mm Film Screening
January 29 and February 5, 2000 / The Japan Foundation Asia Center Lecture Room


Cover of Serendipity exhibition catalogue

Serendipity: Photography, Video, Experimental Film and Multimedia Installation from Asia
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko

  • Publisher:
    Tokyo: The Japan Foundation Asia Center
  • Year:
  • Total Number of Pages:
  • Size:
    26 cm
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
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p. 4 Foreword
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
p. 11 見えないものが棲むところ
p. 25 Plates
p. 27 1. The Territory of Shadows
p. 30 2. Séance Time
p. 36 3. A Site of Comings and Goings
p. 46 4. Serendipity, or Alternative Histories
p. 52 5. Invisible City
p. 62 6. Foreshadowing of Metamorphosis
p. 70 アジアにおける実験映画ワークショップ
p. 76 タイにおける実験映画、およびヴィデオ・インスタレーションのあり方
p. 84 韓国のヴィデオ・アートとシャーマニズム
p. 88 集団的記憶のシステム、国家の肖像─CASAドキュメンテーション・センター
p. 93 中国現代美術における写真
p. 97 空間の挑戦:インドネシアの写真 1841–1999
p. 105 出品作家略歴
p. 114 Where the Invisible Lives
Minato Chihiro
p. 123 Experimental Film Production Workshops in Asia
Christoph Janetzko (Cinematographer; Film Editor; Film Producer)
p. 128 Experimental and Art Film and Video Installation in Thailand
Gridthiya Gaweewong (Director & Founder, Project 304)
p. 133 Korean Video Art and Shamanism
Yi Won Kon (Critic; Independent Curator)
p. 137 A System of Collective Memory, Projecting an Image of the Nation: The CASA Documentation Centre
Ashim Ghosh (Artist)
p. 140 Photography in Contemporary Chinese Art
Leng Lin (Art Critic; Independent Curator)
p. 143 The Challenge of Space: Photography in Indonesia, 1841–1999
Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo (Artist)
p. 149 Artists' Biography
p. 153 List of Works / 出品作品リスト
p. 157 Notes on Contributors / 執筆者
What We Do