Guidebooks to Art Spaces in Asia

The Japan Foundation produced a series of guidebooks for introducing art spaces with active roles in the Asian art scene. These three volumes aspired to provide initial pointers for people with varied interests in Asian contemporary art—from those hoping to get a firsthand look at the latest Asian practices, to professionals seeking to connect with peers in the field, or others wanting to research Asian contemporary art.

Guidebook 1


The first edition showcased 76 spaces in nine countries or regions, including Japan. Each country was introduced through an article by a curator familiar with the local art scene. As suggested by the use of the word “alternative” in its title, the book was not only a guide to alternative spaces, but was also instilled with the expectation that both the situations and institutions governing how art is made in Asia were likely to differ from those in Europe and the United States.

Alternatives: Contemporary Art Spaces in Asia
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko; Hoashi Aki

  • Publisher:
    Tokyo: The Japan Foundation Asia Center
  • Year:
  • Total Number of Pages:
  • Size:
    21 cm
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
  • NCID:


p. 4 Foreword
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
p. 9 China
p. 12 Contemporary Art Spaces in China
Pi Li (Assistant Researcher, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing)
p. 14 The Loft New Media Art Space
p. 15 MSG—Mustard Seed Garden
p. 16 BASH (Beijing Artist Storehouse)
p. 18 East Modern Artcentre
p. 19 China Art Archives & Warehouse
p. 20 Red Gate Gallery
p. 21 The CourtYard Gallery
p. 23 Shanghai BizArt LTD
p. 24 ddm warehouse
p. 25 ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
p. 26 Shanghai Art Museum
p. 27 Guilin Yuzi Paradise
p. 29 Hong Kong
p. 32 Re-mapping Hong Kong
Howard Chan (Administrator, 1aspace, Hong Kong)
p. 34 Para/Site Art Space
p. 36 Museum of Site (MOST)
p. 37 Shanghai Street Artspase
p. 38 Artist Commune
p. 40 Videotage (new media artist collective)
p. 42 1aspace
p. 43 Ngau Pang Sue Yuen
p. 45 Indonesia
p. 47 Les Enfants Terribles in Indonesia
Suzuki Ben (Arts Department, The Japan Foundation)
p. 48 Komunitas Utan Kayu
p. 49 ruangrupa
p. 51 Cemara 6 Galeri
p. 53 Bentara Budaya Jakarta
p. 54 Galeri Soemardja
p. 56 Selasar Sunaryo Art Spase
p. 58 Rumah Seni R-66 (R-66 Arthouse)
p. 59 Cemeti Art House
p. 61 Taring Padi
p. 62 Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
p. 63 Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah
p. 65 Japan
p. 68 Alternative Spaces in Japan
Hara Hisako (Art Coordinator)
p. 70 commandN
p. 71 Saison Art Program (SAP) Gallery
p. 73 Scrathi Tile
p. 74 studio BIG ART
p. 75 artport
p. 77 canolfan
p. 78 N-mark
p. 80 Art Drug Center
p. 81 art house nanafukutei / Scroll 37℃
p. 82 Sabae Contemporary Art Center
p. 84 Kyoto Art Center
p. 85 CAS (Contemporary Art and Spirits)
p. 87 kiti.
p. 89 SUMISO
p. 91 KITANO Pocket Bijutsukan
p. 93 Kobe Art Village Center
p. 95 List of Art Museum
p. 99 Korea
p. 102 Non-profit Art Spaces in Seoul
Kim Sun Jung (Chief Curator, Artsonje Center, Seoul)
p. 104 SSamzie Space
p. 106 Loop
p. 107 Insa Arts Space
p. 109 Project Space Sarubia
p. 110 Rodin Gallery
p. 112 Artsonje Center
p. 114 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
p. 117 Malaysia
p. 119 Contemporary Art Spaces in Malaysia
Valentine Willie (Director, Valentine Willie Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur)
p. 120 Valentine Willie Fine Arts
p. 121 National Art Gallery
p. 124 Art Salon
p. 125 Rimbun Dahan
p. 127 The Philippines
p. 130 Artist-Run Spaces: Art Initiatives in the Case of “Surrounded by Water”
Wire Rommel Tuazon (Artist)
p. 132 Big Sky Mind
p. 133 Green Papaya Art Projects
p. 135 Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)
p. 136 Blind Tiger Bar and Gallery
p. 139 Singapore
p. 141 Art Spaces in Singapore: In Which Direction will the Government-led Art Infrastructure Go?
Ushiroshoji Masahiro (Chief Curator, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
p. 142 Plastique Kinetic Worms
p. 143 The Substation
p. 145 Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
p. 147 Singapore Art Museum
p. 148 MITA Building
p. 149 Thailand
p. 151 Scratchy Art Scene
Gridthiya Gaweewong (Director, Project 304)
p. 152 About Studio/About Café
p. 154 Project 304
p. 156 Tadu Contemporary Art
p. 158 Space Contemporary Art / Gallery 253
p. 159 Si-Am Art Space
p. 160 The Art Center, Chulalongkorn University
p. 161 Bangkok University Art Gallery
P165   Afterword

Guidebook 2


Published three years after the 2002 edition, the second edition of the guidebook increased significantly in volume in accordance with the dramatic changes in the regional art scene. It covered 170 spaces or organizations in 16 countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region.

Alternatives 2005: Contemporary Art Spaces in Asia
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko; Hoashi Aki

  • Publisher:
    Kyoto: Tankosha Publishing
  • Year:
  • Total Number of Pages:
  • Size:
    21 cm
  • Note
    Produced by: The Japan Foundation
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
  • ISBN
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p. 6 A Tour of Today's Asian Art
The Japan Foundation
p. 11 CHINA
p. 13 From Guerilla Operation to Base Camp: Experimental Art Spaces in China
Qiu Zhijie (Artist; Independent Curator)
p. 14 Beijing Tokyo Art Projects
p. 15 China Art Archives & Warehouse (CAAW)
p. 16 China Art Seasons
p. 18 The CourtYard Gallery
p. 19 Red Gate Gallery
p. 20 798 Space
p. 22 Soka Art Center
p. 23 Today Art Gallery
p. 24 25000 Cultural Transmission Center
p. 25 Aura Gallery
p. 26 BizArt Art Space
p. 28 ddm warehouse
p. 29 ShanghART Gallery
p. 30 Guangdong Museum of Art
p. 31 Vitamin Creative Space
p. 36 Hong Kong Art Ecology
Phoebe Wong (Researcher, Asia Art Archive)
p. 38 Asia Art Archive Ltd.
p. 39 Fringe Club
p. 40 Goethe-Gallery, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong
p. 42 Hong Kong Museum of Art
p. 43 Museum 63, Artist Commune
p. 45 1aspace
p. 46 Para/Site Art Space, Para/Site Central
p. 48 Shanghai Street Artspace
p. 50 Videotage
p. 52 List of Commercial Galleries
p. 53 TAIWAN
p. 56 Contemporary Art Development and Art Spaces in Taiwan
Yao Jui-chung (Artist)
p. 58 Etat Lab
p. 59 Hong-gah Museum
p. 60 Hua Shan Cultural And Creative Industry Center
p. 62 IT Park
p. 63 Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
p. 64 Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM)
p. 65 Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
p. 66 Stock 20
p. 68 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
p. 71 JAPAN
p. 74 Japanese Alternative Spaces at the Crossroads
Hara Hisako (Art Producer)
p. 76 Arts Initiative Tokyo Non-profit Organization
p. 77 commandN
p. 78 FADs art space
p. 79 Contemporary Art Factory
p. 82 BankART1929
p. 83 canolfan
p. 84 +Gallery
p. 86 Kyoto Art Center
p. 89 CAS (Contemporary Art and Spirits)
p. 91 graf media gm
p. 93 [remo] record, expression and medium organization
p. 95 Kobe Art Village Center
p. 97 gallery soap
p. 98 Maejima Art Center
p. 100 List of Art Museums
p. 104 List of Commercial Galleries
p. 107 KOREA
p. 110 The Current Korean Art Scene from the Perspective of Alternative Spaces
Beck Jee-sook (Chief Curator, Marronnier Art Center of Korean Culture and Arts Foundation)
p. 112 Alternative Space Loop
p. 113 Alternative Space Pool
p. 114 Artsonje Center
p. 116 Artspace hue
p. 117 Brain Factory
p. 119 Daelim Contemporary Art Museum
p. 120 Gallery Jung Mee-Soh
p. 121 Ilju Art House
p. 123 Ilmin Museum of Art
p. 124 Insa Art Space
p. 126 Marronnier Art Center
p. 127 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
p. 128 Project Space ZIP
p. 130 Project Space SARUBIA
p. 131 Rodin Gallery
p. 133 Seoul Museum of Art
p. 135 SSamziespace
p. 137 List of Commercial Galleries
p. 144 The Altered Spaces in the Indonesian Contemporary Art Scene
Agung Hujatnikajennong (Lecturer, Bandung Institute of Technology)
p. 146 Cemara 6 Galeri
p. 147 Galeri Lontar
p. 148 Oktagon Gallery
p. 149 ruangrupa
p. 150 Common Room (Bandung Center for New Media Arts)
p. 152 GaleriKita
p. 153 Galeri Soemardja
p. 154 rumahproses
p. 156 Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (SSAS)
p. 157 benda, art space
p. 158 Cemeti Art House
p. 160 Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF)
p. 162 Ruang Mes 56
p. 163 Rumah Seni Muara (Muara Art House)
p. 164 Gaya Fusion of Senses
p. 165 Klinik Seni Taxu Foundation—Klinik Seni Taxu Art Space
p. 170 Contemporary Art Spaces in Malaysia
Beverly Yong (Managing Director, Valentine Willie Fine Arts)
p. 172 Balai Seni Lukis Negara (National Art Gallery)
p. 174 Rumah Air Panas (R.A.P.)
p. 176 TAKSU Malaysia
p. 177 Valentine Willie Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur
p. 179 NN Gallery Sdn Bhd
p. 180 Reka Art Space
p. 181 Rimbun Dahan
p. 182 Yayasan Kesenian Perak (Perak Arts Foundation)
p. 188 Gone Alternative
Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez (Writer; Researcher)
p. 190 Big Sky Mind Artists Projects Foundation
p. 191 Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)
p. 192 The Cubicle Art Gallery
p. 194 Green Papaya Art Projects
p. 195 ufo
p. 197 Tam-awan Village
p. 198 Art Attack Studio
p. 199 Luna Art Collective
p. 201 Mariyah Gallery
p. 202 The Space Between
p. 203 Dugukan Gallery
p. 204 Linya Gallery
p. 210 Contemporary Art in Singapore
Lindy Poh (Art Consultant)
p. 212 Art Galleries at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
p. 213 The Art Gallery @ NIE
p. 214 The Arts House (at the Old Parliament)
p. 217 Earl Lu Gallery
p. 218 Jendela (at Esplanade)
p. 220 National University of Singapore Museums (NUS Museums)
p. 221 Plastique Kinetic Worms
p. 223 Sculpture Square
p. 224 SG Private Banking Gallery—Alliance Française de Singapour
p. 225 Singapore Art Museum
p. 227 Studio 19
p. 229 The Substation Ltd.
p. 231 List of Commercial Galleries
p. 236 Art Space the Thai Way
Klaomard Yipintsoi (Director, About Art Related Activities)
p. 238 About Studio / About Café
p. 240 Bangkok University Art Gallery
p. 241 Tadu Contemporary Art
p. 243 CMU Art Museum (Chiang Mai University Art Museum)
p. 244 The land foundation
p. 246 List of Commercial Galleries
p. 247 VIET NAM
p. 250 Contemporary Art in Viet Nam
Tran Luong (Artist)
p. 252 Art Space Salon Natasha
p. 253 British Council Viet Nam
p. 254 Goethe-Institut Hanoi
p. 255 L'Espace—Alliance Française de Hanoi
p. 256 Nha san Dục
p. 257 RYLLEGA: Experimental Contemporary Art Gallery
p. 258 New Space Art Gallery
p. 260 Gallery La Gai
p. 261 Blue Space Contemporary Arts Center
p. 262 mai's Gallery
p. 270 Contemporary Art Scene of Bangladesh
Lala Rukh Selim (Editor, ART a quarterly journal)
p. 272 Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
p. 273 Drik Gallery
p. 274 Britto Arts Trust
p. 277 INDIA
p. 280 Contemporary Art in India
Pooja Sood (Independent Curator)
p. 282 Apeejay Media Gallery
p. 283 Khoj studios (KHOJ International Artists Organization)
p. 284 National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)
p. 286 Nature Morte
p. 287 Sanskriti Foundation
p. 289 Gallery Chemould
p. 292 Pundole Art Gallery
p. 293 Sakshi Gallery
p. 294 Gallery Sumukha
p. 298 Contemporary Art in Present Day Pakistan
Quddus Mirza (Artist; Art Critic)
p. 300 Croweaters Gallery; Rohtas 2
p. 302 Canvas Gallery
p. 303 V.M. Art Gallery (at ZVMG Rangoonwala Center)
p. 304 Nomad Centre & Art Gallery
p. 307 SRI LANKA
p. 310 Contemporary Art in Sri Lanka
Sharmini Pereira (Independent Curator)
p. 312 The Barefoot Gallery
p. 313 Finomenal Space—Gallerie d'Art de Colombo
p. 315 Paradise Road Galleries
p. 316 The Serendib Gallery / Art Sri Lanka
p. 317 Theertha International Artists' Collective
p. 319 VIBHAVI Academy of Fine Arts (VAFA)
p. 324 ‘Alternative’ Art Galleries in Australia
Billy Crawford (Program Officer, Visual Arts/Craft Board, Australia Council for the Arts)
p. 326 Asia-Australia Contemporary Arts Centre
p. 327 Australian Centre for Photography
p. 329 Performance Space
p. 330 Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
p. 332 West Space Inc.
p. 333 Institute of Modern Art (IMA)
p. 334 KickArts Contemporary Arts LTD
p. 336   Umbrella Studio Association Inc. / Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts
p. 339 Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)
p. 340 Darwin Visual Arts Association (DVAA)
p. 342 24HR Art: Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art
p. 343 Watch this SPACE
p. 345 Contemporary Art Services Tasmania (CAST)
p. 347 List of Art Museums

Guidebook 3

Cover of Art Guide to Asia

Based on information gathered from an art survey conducted as part of the Mekong–Japan Exchange Year 2009, data on 54 organizations in five countries in the Mekong River were compiled and included in this volume. Short comments on the trends at the time of publication were also added for each country.

Art Guide to Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko

  • Publisher:
    Tokyo: The Japan Foundation
  • Year:
  • Total Number of Pages:
  • Size:
    21 cm
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
  • NCID:


p. 3 Journey of Encounter: Contemporary Art in the Mekong Region
The Japan Foundation
p. 4 Countries in the Mekong Region
p. 9 Cambodia
p. 11 From Reproduction to Expression: Changes Instigated by Foreign Countries
Hanada Shinichi (Independent Curator)
p. 12 Amrita Performing Arts
p. 13 Centre Culturel Français
p. 14 Java Café & Gallery
p. 15 Meta House
p. 16 REYUM Institute of Arts and Culture
p. 17 Sa Sa Art Gallery
p. 18 Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center; Royal University of Fine Arts (Faculties of Archeology, Architecture and Urbanism, and Fine Arts Campus)
p. 19 Laos
p. 22 Change Symbolized in the Opening of a Truly Laotian-run Gallery
Edan Corkill (Staff Writer, The Japan Times)
p. 24 5 Arts Gallery
p. 25 M Gallery
p. 26 National Institute of Fine Arts
p. 27 National Institute of Fine Arts Ban Anou Campus Gallery
p. 28 Treasures of Asia
p. 29 National Cultural Hall; National School of Music and Dance; Lao Textile Museum; Saylom Art Gallery; Si-Savath Art Gallery
p. 31 Myanmar
p. 34 Inheritance and Progress: Developing Contemporary Expression
Hinuma Teiko (Curator, Aomori Contemporary Art Center)
p. 36 Centre Culturel et de Copération Linguistique(CCCL) / Alliance française de Rangoun
p. 37 New Zero Art Space
p. 38 Golden Valley Art Centre; The Inya Gallery of Art; Lokanat Art Gallery; Myanmar Photographic Society; New Treasure Art Gallery; ORIENT Art Gallery; Studio Square
p. 39 Thailand (Bangkok)
p. 41 The Course of Thai Art in Siam
Hashimoto Azusa (Assistant Curator, The National Museum of Art, Osaka)
p. 42 ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art
p. 43 Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
p. 44 Bangkok University Gallery (BUG)
p. 45 Gallery VER
p. 46 The Jim Thompson Art Center
p. 47 The Art Center, Chulalongkorn University; The National Gallery; 100 Tonson Gallery; Kathmandu Photo Gallery; SOL (Space of Liberty); Tadu Contemporary Art
p. 49 Thailand (Chiang Mai)
p. 51 The Resiliance of Chiang Mai: Proliferation of Artist-Run Experiments
Kuroda Minori (Coordinator, The Institute of Ceramic Studies, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park)
p. 52 CMU Art Center (Chiang Mai University Art Center)
p. 53 the land foundation
p. 56 Alternative Spaces Never Die
Gridthiya Gaweewong (Artistic Director, The Jim Thompson Art Center)
p. 59 Viet Nam (Hanoi)
p. 61 An Active Art Community Takes Root in Hanoi
Nose Yoko (Curator, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art)
p. 62 British Council, Hanoi
p. 63 Goethe-Institut Hanoi
p. 64 L'Espace-Centre Culturel Français
p. 65 Nha San Duc (Nhasan Studio)
p. 66 Art Vietnam Gallery; Gallery 39; Viet Art Center; Youth Theatre
p. 67 Viet Nam (Ho Chi Minh City)
p. 69 Ho Chi Minh, a City Where Future Progress Intersects with Past History
Nose Yoko
p. 70 Galerie Quynh
p. 71 Himiko Visual Saloon
p. 72 Sàn Art
p. 73 Art Museum Ho Chi Minh City; Duc Minh Private Museum; Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts
p. 76 The Recent Developments in Vietnamese Contemporary Art
Tran Luong (Artist, Independent Curator)
p. 82 Afterword: On Contemporary Arts and Cultural Exchange within the Mekong Sub-region Countries
Alan Feinstein (Former Acting Director, Southeast Asia Office, Rockefeller Foundation, Bangkok & Associate Director in charge of grant-making in Creativity and Culture)
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