The Japan Foundation Awards 2018 Commemorative Lectures

Talk by Toshio Hosokawa
A vibrating Path towards the musical Dream:
From Noh-Theater to a new Opera form
-Opera Erdbeben.Träume and other works -


Toshio Hosokawa, one of the Japan Foundation Awards’ winners this year, is pursuing his creative activities in mainly Europe and Japan and has firmly cemented his reputation as one of Japan’s leading composers. His music, fused with traditional Japanese art like Noh and Western music, has been performed across the world. He is highly acclaimed as an important composer who has united Japan and the world through music.

In this lecture, Toshio Hosokawa will talk about the history of creating his operas up to the Opera Erdbeben. Träume, which premiered in Stuttgart in July, and also how he is trying to add new ideas to Noh in the present age.

In the first part, Hosokawa will use images (Director Alexander Kluge) and music to explain his works including Matsukaze, Stiiles Meer, Futari Shizuka -The Maiden from the Sea- and Erdbeben. Träume, which will be presented for the first time in Japan. In the second part, Dr. Yuji Nawata, Professor of German Literature at Chuo University, who has supported Hosokawa to create Erdbeben. Träume, will ask him some questions.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Talk and Performance by Yoko Tawada and Toshio Hosokawa
“Encounter of souls crossing the border”


This year’s award winners are the poet and writer Yoko Tawada and the composer Toshio Hosokawa. These two creators, who have opened up new possibilities in their respective fields by composing poetry and music that cross cultural boundaries, will engage in a discussion for the first time. Following their talk, some of Hosokawa’s music will be performed, while Tawada will recite her work. Please don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the unique world created by these two superb artists!

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Lecture and Poetry reading by Yoko Tawada
“Journey carrying words, looking for words”


Yoko Tawada, a Japanese writer and poet based in Germany who is active internationally, is one of this year’s award winners. She is notable for having pioneered a new transboundary realm of literature and further freeing Japanese literature from its confines. Tawada, who has performed more than 1,000 poetry readings around the world, will give a talk based on her wide-ranging experiences in many countries and on the responses she has received from audiences in different places. She will also give a poetry reading on the theme of “journey.”

Lecture by Spanish-Japanese Cultural Center of the University of Salamanca
“Spanish-Japanese Cultural Center of the University of Salamanca:Between the tradition and the future”


The University of Salamanca, celebrating its 800th anniversary this year, has long served as one of the world’s leading centers of scholarship and international exchange. It is home to the Spanish-Japanese Cultural Center of the University of Salamanca, which was established in 1999 by inspired by the visits of Emperor and Empress of Japan, has played a central role in the maintenance and strengthening of Japanese-Spanish relations since its establishment. In this lecture, providing outline of the history of Japan and the University of Salamanca especially the Spanish-Japanese Cultural Center, we will introduce the contribution of the Center and look back the history of relationship between Spain and Japan from the academic, social, scientific and artistic viewpoint.

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