CCA Curator Meeting 2014
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Itaru Hirano (Saitama) is Curator at the Museum of Modem Art, Saitama from 1991. His curatorial projects include Cross and Square - Grids (1994), Matter and Perception 1970: Mono-ha and the Search for Fundamentals (1995), Israeli Art Today'(2001), Hidetoshi Nagasawa (2009), Akira Shimizu & Tatsumi Yoshino (2012), Floating Design: Shiro Kuramata and His Contemporaries (2013). He also curated the Japanese Pavilion of the Melbourne International Biennial 1999 (artist: Leiko Ikemura, Yet there is light on the horizon), and Blind Date, an exchange project between Danish and Japanese artists held at Kunsthallen Brandt, Odense, Denmark (2002) as well as Password: A Danish/Japanese Dialogue, CCGA-Center for Contemporary Graphic Art, Fukushima (2004).

Jens Hoffmann (New York) is a curator and writer based in New York. He currently is Deputy Director of the Jewish Museum in New York and Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. He was Director of Exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (2003 - 2007) and Director at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art in San Francisco (2007 -2012). He has curated many exhibitions around the world including the 9th Shanghai Biennale (2012) and the 12th Istanbul Biennial (2011). He has contributed numerous articles to art magazines such as Frieze, Artforum, Parkett, and Texte zur Kunst and has written over 200 essays for exhibition catalogues and museum publications. He recently edited Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating (2013) and co-authored Show Time; The 50 Most Influential Exhibitions of Contemporary Art (2014).

Mika Kuraya (Tokyo) is Chief Curator of the Department of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT). She graduated from Chiba University with MA. Her recent curatorial projects at MOMAT include Waiting for Video: Works from the 1960s to Today (2009, co-curated with Kenjin Miwa), Meaningful Stain (2010), On the Road (2011), Undressing Paintings: Japanese Nudes 1880-1945 (2011-2012, the 24th Ringa Art Encouragement Award) and Mud and Jelly (2014). Her recent critical studies include “Where is Reiko? Kishida Ryusei's 1914-1918 Portraits” (Bulletin of MOMAT, No.14, 2010). She served as curator for the Japan Pavilion for the 55th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia (artist: Koki Tanaka, 2013) and received a special mention.

Maria Lind (Stockholm) is Director at Tensta konsthall. From 1997 to 2001, she served as curator at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, where she organized Moderna Museet Projekt, a series of 21 commissioned projects. In 1998, she co-curated Manifesta 2, Europe's biennale of contemporary art. She has served as director at several institutions including Kunstverein München (2002 - 2004) and International Artists Studio Program in Stockholm (2005 - 2007). She was also Director of the Graduate Program at the Center for Curatorial Studies of Bard College (2008 - 2010). She received the 2009 Walter Hopps Award for Curatorial Achievement She has contributed articles and essays to numerous magazines and her publications include Selected Maria Lind Writing (2010) and Performing the Curatorial: With and Beyond Art (ed., 2012).

Masayuki Tanaka (Tokyo) is Director of Museum & Library and Professor of Art History at Musashino Art University in Tokyo from 2009. He graduated from the Department of Art History, Faculty of Letters, the University of Tokyo in 1987 and completed the MA course at the same university in 1990. He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University (1990 – 1995) and also served as curator for the National Museum of Western Art (1990 – 2007). He is specialized in history of modern and contemporary art. The exhibitions he curated at the National Museum of Western Art include Picasso's World of Children (2000), Henri Matisse: Process and Variation (2004), and Munch: The Decorative Projects (2007). His published papers include “The Ariadne Pose and Volputas” (Seiyo Bijutsu Kenkyu, 2001) and “The Uncanny and Man Ray's Manipulation of Female Eye” (Aesthetics, 2002).

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