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Center for Contemporary Art, Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu (CCA) and the Japan Foundation present “CCA Curator Meeting 2014: Let's Talk About Art,” a three-day conference of contemporary art curatorial practice. The curators, who are engaged in contemporary art within an international context, stay at CCA and exchange their idea to tackle key questions around museum and curatorial.

The first meeting was held in 2010, with four curators specialized in contemporary art at the public museums in Japan. The second meeting was held in 2011, with the curators from Japan and Korea. The third meeting was held in 2012, with the curators who live and work in Asian countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. In the fourth meeting of 2013, the emphasis was placed on international activities, and three curators, who lives and works in Asia/Europe, and two curators from Japan participated.

In the fifth meeting, held in 2014, the discussion focuses on a role of a curator through the participants' experience. In addition, “the gap” caused by the realities happening in and around contemporary art world will be examined, while featuring the keywords appeared in 2013, such as biennale/triennale, the role of an institution, and art history in relation to locality.

“CCA Curator Meeting” aims to provide with a broad platform for conversation concerning curatorship, and to have idea and exchange that are developed in the curse of time, along with the ongoing change in our society. Thus, this meeting strives for new idea not only for an individual activity, but also for the art world as a whole.

Simultaneous interpretation (English - Japanese) is provided throughout the meeting.


Dates Friday, September 26 – Sunday, September 28, 2014
Venue Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu
Participating curators
Organized by Nobuo Nakamra, CCA Kitakyushu
Masanobu Ito, The Japan Foundation

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