List of Fellows in 2015: Asia


State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
People's Republic of China BAI, Ruchun Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Japanese Foreign Policy and Japan-China Relations The Policy Comparison between China and Japan in the Formation of ASEAN Community--The Possibility of Policy Adjustment and Necessity of Coordination Tokyo University of Science
People's Republic of China CHAN, Chun Wa PhD Candidate, University of Michigan History of Buddhist Art Observing the Macro through the Micro-level - The Efficacy of Miniaturized Icons in Early Japanese Buddhism Kyoto University
People's Republic of China FU, Meng PhD Candidate, McGill University East Asian Studies, Media Studies Smart City Projects in East Asia and the Applications and Influence of New Media The University of Kitakyushu
People's Republic of China HUANG, Fang Associate Professor, Sichuan International Studies University Japanese Literature An Analysis of Modern Japanese Female Literature --- from the Perspective of a Chinese Female Researcher Kyusyu University
People's Republic of China LI, Yan-nan Professor, South China Normal University Japanese-language Education, Study on Japanese Literature Research on Contemporary Japanese female literature ※ Short-term
People's Republic of China LIU, Shuxia PhD Candidate, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Japanese Culture Research on Modern Japanese's Aesthetic Sense Tokyo University of the Arts
People's Republic of China LIU, Yuzhen Professor, Nankai University The Cultural Exchanges between China and Japan A Study on the Talking Materials in Chinese Writing among the Members of the Qing Legation in Tokyo with the Japanese and the Korean The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China MEN, Honghua Professor, Central Party School of the Communist Party of China International Relations After Rise: How Great Powers Promote Interest Overseas: the Case Study of Japan The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China PENG, Yifan PhD Candidate, School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Relationship The Process of Japan's China and Taiwan Foreign Policy Making from 1952 to 1972 - Centering on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China SHEN, Yiwen PhD Candidate, Columbia University Japanese Literature Sojourn in the Netherworld: popular Narratives of Hell in Japanese Literature Nagoya University
People's Republic of China WANG, Lili Associate Professor, Changchun Normal University Japanese studies / Japanese education Contrast in Adversative Compound sentences in Japanese and Chinese Center for JSL Research and Information
People's Republic of China WANG, Meiping Associate Professor, Tianjin University Japan's Modern History Japan's China understanding During Fifteen Year's War The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China WEI, Min Assistant Research Fellow, East China University of Politics and Law Legal History A Comparative Study on Pre-modern Law between Japan and China: During the Edo-period and the Qing Dynasty Kyoto University
People's Republic of China WU, Peijun Associate Professor, South China Normal University Japanese Social History and Japanese Colonial Culture Japanese Literature in Harbin during Manchukuo Era - taking Masaichi Takeuchi as an example Nagoya University
People's Republic of China XU, Ruowen PhD Candidate, Peking University Contemporary Literature The Poetics of Space and Topography in Oe Kenzaburo's Literature The University of Tokyo
People's Republic of China XU, Zhen Instructor, Southwest Jiaotong University The China-Japan Comparative Literature and Culture Nara, Heian age's Chinese poetry in Japan and the East Asian cultural exchange Waseda University
People's Republic of China ZHANG, Baoyun Research Assistant, Peking University History and Culture of Korean Peninsula Historical Significance of the Bunroku-Keityo War (ImJinWeRan)-Comparison of Japanese, Chinese and Korean historical recognitions of the Bunroku-Keicho War The University of Tokyo
Republic of Korea KIM, Kyoung-yim Visiting Assistant Professor, Boston College Sociology of Sport Winter Olympics and Environmental Sustainability at Community Level: Comparative Study between Nagano and Pyeong Chang Games University of Tsukuba
Republic of Korea KO, Eun-Mi PhD Candidate, Dong-A University Image Literature On Nagisa Oshima's Films; Critical Thresholds and Polarity in New Wave Cinema Aesthetics Ritsumeikan University
Republic of Korea KWON, Dong Woo Research Professor, Wonkwang University Mythology Study on the Establishment and Development of Modern Mythology - from Yoshida Kanetomo to Arai Hakuseki Bukkyo University
Republic of Korea LEE, Kyungsun PhD Candidate, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry Environmental Sociology, Environmental Policy From Pollution Sinks to Eco-Industrial Parks: Comparative Sustainability Transitions Experiences in East Asia Meiji University
Republic of Korea LEE, Su-Hoon Professor, Kyungnam University Sociology Strategic Implications of Community-building Initiatives by Japanese Leaders Keio University
Republic of Korea LEE, You-lee PhD Candidate, Seoul National University Bibliography between Korea and Japan The Research for Publication and Circulation of the Books about the Doctrines of Chu-thu in East Asia in 17th Century based on the Cited Literature of <Bun-kai-hi-thu-ro-ku> The Shido-Bunko , KEIO Institute of Oriental Classics
Republic of Korea NAM, Yoonjae Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University  Department of Culture & Tourism Contents A Study on Japanese Companies' Utilization of Social Media for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Trend of Japanese Public Opinion on SNS about Korea-Japan Related Issues International Christian University
Republic of Korea PARK, Jin-hee PhD Candidate, Chung-Ang University Documentary Film, Essay Film, Film Theory A Study on the Ontological Modes of Asian Essay Films -Focused on the Korean Essay Films and the Japanese Essay Films Waseda University
Republic of Korea SHIM, Jaemin PhD Candidate, University of Oxford Comparative Politics The Expansion of Welfare System in Northeast Asia: An Analysis of Welfare Legislation Patterns in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan Waseda University
Republic of Korea SUK, Juhee PhD Candidate, Ewha Womans University Japan Politics, State-Society Relations, East Asia Internation Postwar Democracy and Social Change in Japan: Focused on Political Groups, Participation, Political Capital The University of Tokyo
Republic of Korea WOO, Dong Seon Professor, Korea National University of Arts History of Modern Architecture Inventing Heian Jingu Shrine and Holding the Fourth National Industrial Exhibition in Modern Kyoto Kyoto Institute of Technology
Mongolia LKHAGVA, Ariunjargal Lecturer, Mongolian National University of Education Educational Studies of Methodology Significance of the curriculum reform the Faculty of Education in University of Education ※ Short-term
Taiwan HSU, Chiung-wen Professor, National Cheng Chi University Disaster and Communication A comparative study of disaster information design, implementation and evaluation between Taiwan and Japan The University of Tokyo
Taiwan KUO, Yujen Associate Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University Northeast Asia Security, US-Japan Relations and Military All A research for negotiation and revision process of the 2015 U.S.-Japan defense cooperation guidelines. The National Institute for Defense Studies
Taiwan SUN, Shih-Wei PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Pre-modern Japanese Literature Japan as a Land of Miracle: Imperial Ideology and Self-Identity According to Nihon Ryoiki Waseda University
Indonesia WIDIANTI, Susi Lecturer, Indonesia University of Education Intercultural Communication Research on Intercultural communication for Textbook Making Ibaraki University
Malaysia PANDIAN, Sivamurugan Lecturer, Universiti Sains Malaysia Political Sociology Look East Policy 2.0: A Way forward in Japan-Malaysia Relations ※ Short-term
Philippines MACARAAN, Willard Enrique, Racelis Assistant Professor, De La Salle University Practical Theology and Interdisciplinary Studies Religion, Ethnicity, and Migration: The impact of Filipino immigrant religious communities (IRCs) in Japan The University of Tokyo
Philippines YONENO (REYES), Michiyo Associate Professor, University of the Philippines Area Studies (East Asia, Japan, Philippines), Ethnomusicology, Anthropology Bi-musical generation in folk song praxis and conditions of modernity: Archival research of Nihon Min'yo Taikan Project (1941-1994) The University of Tokyo
Singapore PANG, Carolyn PhD Candidate, Columbia University Japanese Religions Beyond the Islands: Ritual Practices in Early Japan Bukkyo University
Thailand SETISARN, Chomnard Assistant Professor, Chulalongkorn University Japanese Folklore, Japanese Language The Multi-Relationships between Japanese and Animals Seinan Gakuin University
Vietnam NGUYEN, Hai Thi Thanh Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Eastern Finland Health Informatics Capabilities of Information Technology managers and Health Information Technology implementation ※ Short-term
Bangladesh MIAH, Mohammad Khasro Professor, North South University Human Resource Management Human Resource Management Practices and its Impact: A Comparative Study Based on Japanese Companies in Japan and Japanese Affiliated in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Local Companies Hiroshima University
Bangladesh RAHMAN, Mohammad Ashique Research Fellow, Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) Foreign Policy, Inter-state Relations Japan-Bangladesh Relations in Changing Regional Landscape: Need for Moving towards Closer Comprehensive Partnership ※ Short-term
Bhutan TENZIN, Karma Lecturer, Royal Thimphu College Political Science Democracy in Bhutan and Japan - what can Bhutan learn from Japanese democracy? Kyoto University
India KHAN, Shamshad Ahmad Research Fellow, Indian Council of World Affairs  Japanese Foreign Policy, East Asian Affairs Pan Asianism to Strategic Partnership: Re-interpreting India-Japan Ties Keio University
India SHEIKH, Tariq PhD Candidate, University of Delhi Japanese Literature The Periphery Writes Back - Centre-Periphery in Tokugawa Japan and the Oeuvre of Suzuki Bokushi Waseda University
India SINGH, Abhimanyu Director, UNESCO Beijing Office International Cooperation on Education for All Japan's Contribution to EFA in the post-Dakar period (2000-2015): A Critical Appreciation The University of Tokyo
Pakistan KHOSO, Ghulam Murtaza Assistant Professor, University of Sindh International relations(East Asia) East Asia Troubled Waters: Emerging Security Threats for Japan ※ Short-term
Sri Lanka KEERAWELLA, Gamini Bandara Senior Professor, University of Peradeniya Modern History, International Affairs Japan, India and China in Sri Lanka's Postwar Foreign Policy Orientations: A Case for a New Approach Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO
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