List of Fellows in 2015: Oceania


State/Region Name Current Position Area of Research Project Title Affiliation in Japan
(※Not necessary for short-term fellowship)
Australia ASCIONE, Benjamin, James PhD Candidate, Australian National University Japanese Foreign Policy, International Relations of the Asia PhD Thesis: The influence of domestic politics on Japan's foreign policy Keio University
Australia KILPATRICK, Helen Claire Senior Lecturer, University of Wollongong Japanese Literature, Visual Art and Language Dealing with Feeling in Post- 3.11 Fiction for Children ※ Short-term
Australia OKANO, Kaori Horne Professor, Head of Department of Languages, La Trobe University Sociology/Anthropology of Education, Gender Studies Education in changing Japan: Transnationalism, multiculturalism and social inequality Kwansei Gakuin University
Australia WOLFF, Leon Thomas Associate Professor, Bond University Japanese Law and Society The 'Drama' of Socio-Legal Change in Japan: A Televisual Analysis of the Impact of Justice System Reforms Osaka University
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