Support for Japanese Studies Organizations

The Japan Foundation support research institutions that play a central role in Japanese studies The various projects in this category are designed to develop human resources and strengthen the base for Japanese studies in each respective country.

1.Support Program for Organizations in Japanese Studies

The Japan Foundation supports key Japanese Studies institutions overseas such as universities and research centers. It is to reinforce their base and to develop specialists. The support can come in diverse forms suiting the institution’s needs. It can be subsidies for research and international conferences, staff expansion, library materials, training in Japan, and publications. We can also send visiting professors. Such comprehensive and continuing support is helping develop and expand Japanese Studies overseas for the long term.

Grant listings for Support Program for Organizations in Japanese Studies 2016-2017

Grant listings for Support Program for Organizations in Japanese Studies 2015-2016

The Japan Foundation supported Beijing Foreign Studies University to provide Japanese study courses by dispatching 17 Japanese professors in total, to invite graduate students and staff to Japan (24 people), to conduct research, and to publish books.

In addition, to Peking University, the Japan Foundation dispatched 10 Japanese professors in total for the courses of modern Japanese studies and invited 24 graduate students and the course staff to Japan.

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