Fang Lijun:
Human Images in an Uncertain Age


Flyer of Fang Lijun exhibition

Comprising 45 representative works from the 1980s and ’90s, this was the first major exhibition for the artist Fang Lijun, who was born in Hebei Province, China, in 1963. Fang’s recurring motif of figures with clean-shaven heads cemented a name for the artist, who had already gained international attention for a style described as “cynical realism” on the basis of its perceived nihilism. Although Fang’s works are heavily colored by political and social changes in China such as the Cultural Revolution, the exhibition aroused widespread interest in China’s contemporary art.

Dates & Venue
November 2–December 1, 1996
The Japan Foundation Forum
Curators Tatehata Akira (Professor, Tama Art University)
Artists Fang Lijun
Organizers The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Related Programs Artist Talk
November 2, 1996 / The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Lecture Room / Participants: Fang Lijun, Tatehata Akira
Symposium “Fang Lijun and Contemporary Chinese Art”
November 16, 1996 / The Japan Foundation Conference Hall / Panelists: Karima Fumitoshi, Li Xianting, Motoe Kunio, Tatehata Akira


Fang Lijun: Human Images in an Uncertain Age
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko; Nakamoto Kazumi

  • Publisher:
    Tokyo: The Japan Foundation Asia Center
  • Year:
  • Total Number of Pages:
  • Size:
    29 cm
  • Language:
    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
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p. 4 あいさつ
p. 5 Foreword
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
p. 9 空間のエロス
p. 13 方力鈞とシニカル・リアリズム
p. 18 方力鈞とその芸術
p. 21 Catalogue / カタログ
p. 70 思い出すこと
p. 74 略年譜
p. 77 展覧会歴
p. 79 Elegant Space
Tatehata Akira
p. 83 Fang Lijun and Cynical Realism
Li Xianting (Art Critic)
p. 87 Fang Lijun and His Art
Per Hovdenakk (Director, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter)
p. 89 Remembrances
Fang Lijun
p. 92 Selected Biography
p. 93 Exhibitions


Fang Lijun: Human Images in an Uncertain Age

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