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Due to the rise of globalization since the 1990s, a generation of people from different societies and cultures around the world emerged during the 2000s with shared experiences, having grown up watching the same TV shows, reading the same magazines, and consuming the same pop culture. Instead of focusing on the differences within Asia like the previous exhibitions, this event revealed similarities between generations in Asia and found points of contact within art. Following on from the exhibitions “Under Construction” (2001–02) and “Out the Window: Spaces of Distraction” (2004), this exhibition was a collaborative project between four Asian curators from India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan that introduced the work of 14 artists.

Dates & Venue
December 11, 2004–January 30, 2005
The Japan Foundation Forum
Curators Ade Darmawan (Artist; Director, ruangrupa)
Kohno Haruko (Curator, Shiseido Gallery)
Pooja Sood (Independent Curator; Director, KHOJ)
Prabda Yoon (Writer; Editor)
Artists Krishnaraj Chonat, Anant Joshi, Kobayashi Youko, Rudi Mantofani, Mori Hiroharu, Nawa Kohei, Eko Nugroho, Wit Pimkanchanapong, Sigit Pius, Anggun Priambodo, Porntaweesak Rimsakul, Sawa Hiraki, Kiran Subbaiah, Hema Upadhyay
Organizers The Japan Foundation
Related Programs Artists' Talk
December 11, 2004 / The Japan Foundation Forum / Participants: Anant Joshi, Kobayashi Youko, Mori Hiroharu, Nawa Kohei, Eko Nugroho, Sigit Pius, Porntaweesak Rimsakul, Sawa Hiraki, Hema Upadhyay, Ade Darmawan, Kohno Haruko, Pooja Sood, Prabda Yoon
Talk Show: Dialogues in Asia “We Contemporaries, Have We Met?”
Part 1: “Changing Artistic Languages in Asia”
January 13, 2005 / The Japan Foundation Forum / Participants: David Elliott, Tatehata Akira
Part 2: “Discussions on Discussing Contemporary Art in Asia”
January 20, 2005 / The Japan Foundation Forum / Participants: Hara Hisako, Maeda Kyoji, Yamamori Eiji


Have We Met?
Edited by Furuichi Yasuko

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    Tokyo: The Japan Foundation
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    26 cm
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    Japanese (jpn); English (eng)
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p. 5 Foreword
The Japan Foundation
p. 11 Dear Asia, Have We Met?
Kohno Haruko
p. 20 Have We Met? Have We Told Our Stories? Will We Fall in Love?
Pooja Sood
p. 25 Plates
Text by Ade Darmawan, Kohno Haruko, Pooja Sood, Prabda Yoon
p. 58 knots not notes
Ade Darmawan
p. 64 My Contemporaries are All at the Airport
Prabda Yoon
p. 67 Artists' Biographies


Have We Met?

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