Behind the Scenes of the Coproductions

cover image of Process Observer ReportsAn observer was assigned to each international creation in performing arts to record the process leading up to the completion of the production. Each observer examined what happened behind the scenes of the work from various angles, including interviews with those on the production side and observations of the production process. Their reports give a full picture of the leadup to the completion of the international coproductions.
A compilation of all the reports can be found below.

The Launch of Project
  • image of performance
    “Ctrl L / A Difference of Beauty”
The Production Process
The Performances and Reflections
  • image of rehearsal

    “Goodbye, and good wishes for your success
    ― a response to Annihilation of Caste – (…)”
    Photo by: INOUE Yoshikazu (c) Kyoto Performing Arts Center
    at Kyoto University of the Arts

  • image of performance

    “Merzbow, Balázs Pándi & Richard Pinhas
    with Lieko Shiga: ‘Bipolar’ ”
    Photographer: INOUE Yoshikazu Credit: Kyoto Experiment

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