—Cross-Border Online Distribution of Outstanding Japanese Stage Performances

Image of the stage “The Cherry Orchard”“The Cherry Orchard”
(c) K.Miura
Image of Suzuki Company of Toga's stage “Electra”“Electra”
(c) SCOT (Suzuki Company of Toga)
Image of the stage “TOGE”“TOGE”
(c) Suzuki Jouji
Image of the stage “Noh Climax” Series“Noh Climax” Series
Produced by SUGIMOTO Hiroshi and The Japan Foundation
(c) SUGIMOTO Hiroshi and The Japan Foundation All Rights Reserved
In cooperation with Odawara Art Foundation and Himeji City Museum of Art
STAGE BEYOND BORDERS-Selection of Japanese Performances

The Japan Foundation carries out “STAGE BEYOND BORDERS—Selection of Japanese Performances”, which presents outstanding Japanese stage performances online.

The online project “STAGE BEYOND BORDERS—Selection of Japanese Performances” hopes to reach out to theater enthusiasts and encourage more people to connect beyond borders with multilingual subtitles.
The Japan Foundation hopes to cultivate new fan bases for Japanese performing arts while showcasing diverse performances to theater professionals in order to realize overseas performances in the future.

The titles presented through this project span across three genres; contemporary theater, dance performance and traditional performing arts. All works will have multilingual subtitles in around five languages and can be viewed free of charge on the Japan Foundation's official YouTube channel.

URL of the venue
: STAGE BEYOND BORDERS-Selection of Japanese Performances
Web site
: https://stagebb.jpf.go.jp/en/
: The Japan Foundation
Project schedule
Release date Artist Title Subtitles
July 29 Dairakudakan "Oboro" -
August 5 SCOT "Electra" English, French, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian
August 12 Company Derashinera "TOGE"
August 19 chelfitsch and FUJIKURA Dai with Klangforum Wien "Work-In-Progress for Music Theatre Production" English, French, German, Japanese
August 26 Setagaya Public Theatre and Raphaëlle Boitel "Fierce 5: Behind the Scenes" English, French, Japanese
September 2 SPAC and T2G "The Cherry Orchard" English, French, Japanese
September 9 Seinendan and Pascal Rambert "KOTATSU" English, French, Spanish, Japanese
Pascal Rambert and HIRATA Oriza “KOTATSU: Behind the Scenes” English, French, Spanish, Japanese
September 17 SUGIMOTO Hiroshi "Noh Climax" Series English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese
  1. 1.The above is the planned list as of July 2022. Changes may be made later on the date of transmission, artists, subtitles, etc.
  2. 2.Some dance projects do not have subtitles. Chinese subtitles are in both simplified and traditional Chinese.
  3. 3.Subtitles of languages other than English may be uploaded later than the release date due to the production situation.
  4. 4.The release period of the works transmitted in this project will vary according to the work. Please confirm the period of transmission on the above-mentioned special website..

Click the link below to see the released title list.

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