Sharing Information

In order for effective international exchange in the field of art, the Japan Foundation promotes exchange among curators and collect/disseminate art information.

The Japan Foundation runs a program inviting art experts such as curators and scholars to Japan to gain insights and experiences that will help them to introduce Japanese contemporary art overseas.

This programme aims to invite young and emerging artists, designers, and people in the creative field from 13 Asia Pacific countries, to stay in different residency programs and institutions across Japan.

Asian Museum Curator's Conference

The Japan Foundation started in 2005 to invite about 10 young curators from Asian national/public art museums to share information, to discuss and to build a network in Aisa.

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It has been nearly 20 years since the contemporary art in Asia has stepped into the limelight. During this period, the Japan Foundation has identified specific issues in this region, picked up the voices in the field, and gained an understanding of the rapidly changing environment. Throughout the 1990s to the present, we have organized programs to reflect on these circumstances, including a series of international symposia. This international symposium, which will be the 6th edition, will be held to reevaluate the existing discourses and draw on future prospects of Asian contemporary art.

Curators exchange their idea to tackle key questions around museum and contemporary art curatorial practice.

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