Indo-Pacific Cooperation Network 第1期(2023-2024)フェロー一覧

Mere Komailevuka Bainimaramaさんの写真

Mere Komailevuka Bainimarama (Fiji)

Senior Environment Officer, Office of the Prime Minister

Latika M. Bourkeさんの写真

Latika M. Bourke (Australia)

Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald

Connie Cai Ru Ganさんの写真

Connie Cai Ru Gan (Malaysia)

Lecturer in Planetary Health, Griffith University

Priestley Habruさんの写真

Priestley Habru (Solomon Islands)

Ph.D Student, The University of Adelaide

Christopher Heardさんの写真

Christopher Heard (Australia)

Assistant Director, Security and Emergency Management, Department of Premier and Cabinet (Tasmania)

Eleanor Shiori Hughesさんの写真

Eleanor Shiori Hughes (the U.S.A)

Research Assistant, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) / Non-Resident Fellow, EconVue

Kiriloi M. Ingramさんの写真

Kiriloi M. Ingram (Australia)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Charles Sturt University Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security

Daweena Tia Motwanyさんの写真

Daweena Tia Motwany (Malaysia)

Policy and Research Adviser, Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education

Nanthini Sambanthanさんの写真

Nanthini Sambanthan (Singapore)

Senior Analyst, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)

Falguni Tailorさんの写真

Falguni Tailor (India)

Project Manager, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar Dr Kiran C Patel Centre for Sustainable Development

Ryoya Tasaiさんの写真

Ryoya Tasai (Japan)

Programme Policy Officer, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

Ai Tashiroさんの写真

Ai Tashiro (Japan)

Project lecturer, The University of Tokyo

Merita Tuari'iさんの写真

Merita Tuari'i (Cook Islands)

Research Fellow, Te Puna Vai Mārama Cook Islands Centre for Research

Honami Yoshidaさんの写真

Honami Yoshida (Japan)

Professor, Kanagawa University of Human Services

Gabriel Scomazzon-Wardさんの写真

Gabriel Scomazzon-Ward (Australia)

Senior Project Officer, Australasian Fire & Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC)



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