More than Worth Sharing

Between 2012 and 2017, the Japan Foundation published Worth Sharing―A Selection of Japanese Books Recommended for Translation, a series compiled as part of a project to support the translation and publication of Japanese works in foreign languages. Each of the 100 books eventually included in the Worth Sharing list was a literary work providing readers with authentic views of Japanese society and its people. Many of these works have now been successfully translated into other languages and shared with readers outside Japan. To look at five of these books in more detail, the Japan Foundation has organized a series of online events entitled More than Worth Sharing.

Translators’ Roundtable Series

How do overseas readers respond to these works of contemporary Japanese literature? What do the translators find particularly difficult or particularly interesting about translating them? By discussing these topics, the Translators’ Roundtable series focuses on the work of the translators, who are generally out of the spotlight. Translators around the world who work on different language editions of the same literary work are rarely able to get together, but this event provides a rare chance for them to discuss their work through their common language, Japanese. We hope to hear how each work receives a new life by being translated into different languages, and how the flavor of the original text was communicated to the foreign language readership. Translation is perhaps the ultimate collaboration. Join us to think about what makes it such a thrill.

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